A sausage for every occasion!  Our flavours include:

The Classic Mortimer Banger

Cracked Black Pepper

 black pudding

Leek & Stilton

Pork & Apple



 and new this season... Pork and mustard!!

Mass produced sausages bought in Supermarkets can contain between 20% and 50% fat plus colourings, artificial flavours and preservatives.  When you speak to the sausage manufacturers their argument about fat centres mainly around ‘fat gives sausages flavour’.

They don’t mention that it helps them keep the production cost down. For MSC sausages we keep the fat content down to no more that 10% by mixing lean minced, British Free Range pork shoulder with minced back fat to get the desired percentage.  

From the feedback we have received over the past two years customers like the low fat for health reasons and praise the flavour of our sausages.

The lack of preservatives is welcomed by our customers but it does mean that we restrict the chilled (refrigerator) shelf life of our product to 4 days after which the product has to be frozen.  However, the quality of the product is not affected by freezing and the frozen product is very popular with our customers.